[Solved] artisan migration error “Class ‘DoctrineDBALDriverPDOMySqlDriver’ not found”,

When trying to run a migration I get the error Artisan migration

error:Class 'DoctrineDBALDriverPDOMySqlDriver' not found

I have read the questions here and also see the notes to add:

doctrine/dbal": "~2.3 in the requires section of composer.json

Github Bug Report

However, I don’t understand what has happened. I created table a few days ago with no issue.

I can’t figure out what to do after adding that dependency in composer.son.

I don’t want to accidentally update any other packages.

Enquirer: Nancymic


Solution #1:

The doctrine/dbal dependency needs to be added to your composer.json

composer require doctrine/dbal

For more information check laravel #Modifying Columns

Respondent: Mahbub

Solution #2:

In my case both composer install and composer install was not working giving a same error “Class ‘DoctrineDBALDriverPDOMySqlDriver’ not found”,

The changes that i made to make this workable are given below

composer.json file changed

 "doctrine/dbal": "^3.0",

this changed with

"doctrine/dbal": "^2.0",

then run the command

composer update 
Respondent: Avinash Raut

Solution #3:

You have to downgrade the current version, this is what worked for me:

composer require doctrine/dbal:2.*
Respondent: MiraTech

Solution #4:

If you using doctrine 3, downgrade to "doctrine/dbal": "^2.10.3"(I don’t know does laravel updated migration tools for doctrine 3. If do, you should update laravel tools).
They renamed class and DoctrineDBALDriverPDOMySqlDriver not exists

Respondent: unicorn developer

Solution #5:


Who ever is facing this issue while having
doctrine/dbal”: “3.0” aleady required:
downgrade it back to

"doctrine/dbal": "^2.10".

If you still face issues for example getting

LaravelPassportBridgeAccessToken::__toString() must not throw an

You should require a prev version of lcobucci/jwt. It just got auto updated to 3.4, which caused these issues for me.
Took me around 3-4 hours to track everything down to this.
Hope it helps someone else too.

composer require lcobucci/jwt 3.3.3
Respondent: Kjell Weibrecht

Solution #6:

As already said, use composer require doctrine/dbal, if for whatever reason that doesn’t work, use a lower version like composer require doctrine/dbal:^2.12.1 and then run composer dumpautoload -o.

Respondent: xyLuz

Solution #7:

This message shows up if you want to edit column in a database.

To solve it do:

  • add doctrine/dbal dependency to composer.json
  • and use the composer require doctrine/dbal command
Respondent: Tarek Mesalam

Solution #8:


composer update

It will install your missing packages like PDOMySql.


Delete vendor folder and run

composer install
Respondent: Mahendra Pratap

Solution #9:

If you are using laravel 7 then please downgrade the “doctrine/dbal”





and then run

composer update

It works for me

Respondent: Yogendra Kinja

Solution #10:

Can you share your current composer.json?

After composer.json update, you can execute composer install. It won’t update existing packages (because of generated composer.lock), it’ll only install new ones.

What has changes since your last migration?

It’s the same project in the same directory? If so, it should be there.

Respondent: Mateusz Sip

Solution #11:

OK thanks so much for the help.
Stupidly, I had read that to do some other operations, that missing driver is called and I had tried to run a migration the other day to change a column name and what I completely forgot was that subsequent migrate runs are trying to still run that bad one. Once i remembered and deleted the update column name migration, my add table migration ran fine. With a project due in a few weeks, no package updates for me!!

Respondent: Nancymic

Solution #12:

I saw this:
To rename a column, you may use the renameColumn method on the Schema builder. Before renaming a column, be sure to add the doctrine/dbal dependency to your composer.json file:

it maybe work.

Respondent: Silence

Solution #13:

if you are using PhpStorm editor for your project open Terminal tab and run this command:

composer require doctrine/dbal

enter image description here

also you can open command window in root of your project and run that command.

Respondent: A Hashemi

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