[Solved] Android ‘Conversion to dalvik format failed with error 1’ and proguard

I am seeing ‘Conversion to dalvik format failed with error 1’ when exporting my app but I dont see anything in the console output to help me resolve it

I have restarted eclipse and checked the console and I dont see anything?

Where do the proguard logs get stored?

When running the app without proguard all works fine

Solution #1:

Update your version of proguard to the latest version:

Respondent: Jave
Solution #2:

Go to Project » Properties » Java Build Path » Libraries and remove all except the “Android X.Y” (in my case Android 1.5). click OK. Go to Project » Clean » Clean projects selected below » select your project and click OK. That should work.

It is also possible that you have a JAR file located somewhere in your project folders (I had copied the Admob jar into my src forlder) and THEN added it as a Java Path Library. It does not show up under the Package Explorer, so you don’t notice it, but it does get counted twice, causing the dreaded Dalvik error 1.

Answer was found in this question

Respondent: silleknarf
Solution #3:

For me problem was that included proguard.config as:


instead of (forget to mention default proguard config)

Respondent: Dmitry Zaytsev
Solution #4:

I found a solution. I had linked a library which had android-support jar file and even the referencing project had an android-support jar file. initially i renamed but still dint work. Since there was already an android-support jar file from the library file that i added, i deleted the android-support jar file present in the referencing project and hence the issue was solved 🙂

Respondent: shrikanth
Solution #5:

I am using Pro-Guard. After all the checking imported .jar files, cleaning and rebuilds the error still occur. But I found another way to get out from this and successfully export signed package. This is through deleting bin and gen folder in you project folder. Go back to eclipse and clean your project.

Hope this helps.

Respondent: Joemarie Amparo
Solution #6:

I am using Eclispe IDE and I faced the same issue during Export Signed app.

I changed in the proguard.cfg to avoid optimization (-dontoptimize) and everything is going smoothly

Respondent: Colateral
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