Sergey Tokarev about Ukrainian military tech: We must be ready for further actions with our advanced technologies

Sergey Tokarev

Ukraine has been fighting for its integrity, freedom, and identity for over a year. At this war, technologies are must-haves like never before, especially in the military sector. Drones, electronic warfare systems, and analytics systems developments are among today’s most demanded requests. The Founding Partner of the Roosh company, Sergey Tokarev, shared about the need to develop Ukrainian military tech.

Since the full-scale invasion of the aggressor state, Ukrainians had to upgrade the existing weapons and develop new ones. The businessman noted that Ukrainians could modernize old drones and make them capable of flying over 1,200 km without being noticed by Russian air defense systems. According to Sergey Tokarev, this is not the only achievement in military tech development. Some successful cases are outlined below.

  • Ukrainians developed an advanced and cheap air defense system capable of detecting Russian Shahed drones at an early stage by sound.
  • Tech militaries improved UAVs so they could hit any object without risking people’s lives.
  • The Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov has announced the launch of the military tech cluster.
  • The development of remote-control technologies, like unmanned tanks and small jet UAVs, can save the lives of qualified experts.

Sergey Tokarev also mentions the Ukrainian project Army of Drones, according to which the state allocated 20 million hryvnias for purchasing professional unmanned drones made in Ukraine. The businessman anticipates that the war can be long, and the country must always be prepared for further actions in combating the aggressor. That is why it is essential for Ukraine to develop its own military technologies and account for the use of analytical tools for improved security. The entrepreneur believes that the future belongs to analytics.

“We should realize that the war is for long, that the aggressive neighbor is not going to disappear. As I understand it, the worst thing will happen not today, but in the following 5-10 years. It is clear that now Russia will lose, the Russians will not accept this humiliation and will try to revenge. The question is what we will do to prevent it,” says Tokarev.

Sergey Tokarev can’t help but notice that the progressive world has never seen a war on such a scale for almost a hundred years. Technologies are much more developed, and he assumes any future potential large military conflict in the world will be completely “unmanned.” However, there is no place for robots on the battlefield yet. They are not effective enough for this.

Wrapping up military tech development, Sergey Tokarev encourages the IT sector to join this mission. Together they can deliver proactively unmanned products that can save hundreds of people, particularly specialists. Some experts are already involved in developing unmanned drone control systems, electronic warfare systems, and analyzing satellite images.

According to Tokarev, the company Roosh is not involved in any military tech projects, but he is doing his best to support from financial and organizational perspectives.

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