Reverse Y-Axis in PyPlot

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I have a scatter plot graph with a bunch of random x, y coordinates. Currently the Y-Axis starts at 0 and goes up to the max value. I would like the Y-Axis to start at the max value and go up to 0.

points = [(10,5), (5,11), (24,13), (7,8)]    
x_arr = []
y_arr = []
for x,y in points:

There is a new API that makes this even simpler.




DisplacedAussie‘s answer is correct, but usually a shorter method is just to reverse the single axis in question:

plt.scatter(x_arr, y_arr)
ax = plt.gca()

where the gca() function returns the current Axes instance and the [::-1] reverses the list.

You could also use function exposed by the axes object of the scatter plot

scatter = plt.scatter(x, y)
ax = scatter.axes

Use matplotlib.pyplot.axis()

axis([xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax])

So you could add something like this at the end:

plt.axis([min(x_arr), max(x_arr), max(y_arr), 0])

Although you might want padding at each end so that the extreme points don’t sit on the border.

If you’re in ipython in pylab mode, then


the show() is required to make it update the current figure.

Another similar method to those described above is to use plt.ylim for example:

plt.ylim(max(y_array), min(y_array))

This method works for me when I’m attempting to compound multiple datasets on Y1 and/or Y2

using ylim() might be the best approach for your purpose:

xValues = list(range(10))
quads = [x** 2 for x in xValues]
plt.ylim(max(quads), 0)
plt.plot(xValues, quads)

will result:enter image description here

Alternatively, you can use the matplotlib.pyplot.axis() function, which allows you inverting any of the plot axis

ax = matplotlib.pyplot.axis()

Or if you prefer to only reverse the X-axis, then


Indeed, you can invert both axis:


If using matplotlib you can try:

matplotlib.pyplot.xlim(l, r)
matplotlib.pyplot.ylim(b, t)

These two lines set the limits of the x and y axes respectively. For the x axis, the first argument l sets the left most value, and the second argument r sets the right most value. For the y axis, the first argument b sets the bottom most value, and the second argument t sets the top most value.

If using matplotlib we can make plot in reverse y axis in these 3 different ways:
1.By Specifying ymaximum value as y_min and yminimum as y_max

plt.xlim(0, 80)
plt.ylim(100, 0)
  1. Specifying axis

    plt.axis([x_min, x_max, y_min, y_max])
    plt.axis([0, 80, 100, 0])

3.Using gca()function of matplotlib and calling invert_yaxis()function

ax = plt.gca()

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