What is the average ring size for women in UK?


Most married women wear their engagement ring or wedding ring 24/7, even when they are relaxing at home or the gym. They do not separate their wedding ring from themselves at any point in time. A person’s wedding ring likely becomes a part of the waking moments of your life, grabbing the right fit of the ring is necessary. In this guide, we are sharing the average size of women and some tips on how you can measure your partner’s ring size

The average ring size for women

As per GIA reports, the average ring size of women is size 6. However, the lifestyles of women and their weight tend to fluctuate over time, and for that adding a quarter size more to the ring is recommended if your weight is inclined towards increasing, but if you want to lose weight. Try to maintain your weight and if you want to shed some kilos from your body then do it before your wedding bell rings. Else you have to adjust the ring size which is not a short process.

Methods of measuring your finger

Some measuring techniques to measure your accurate ring size are given below

Measuring with a string

1. Take a floss or string and wrap it around the finger
2. With the help of a pen, mark the string where it’s overlapping. 
3. Now take out the string and stretch, then measure the mark of the string with the help of a measuring tape or ruler. Remember to measure the string in millimeters.
4. Use a chart that shows the measurement, so that you can compare your finger measurement to the standard sizes. For instance, ring sizes 3 is 14mm, 3.5 is 14.4, and 4 is 14.8. The average ring size is 6, 6.5, and 7 which are 16.5, 16.9, and 17.3 respectively. 

Paper technique

In this method, you need to wrap a thin paper around your ring finger close to your knuckle where your engagement ring shall hit realistically. Don’t wrap it too tightly and make sure the make-do ring fits you comfortably. Just like the string method, use a pencil to mark the paper where it lapses. Measure the length against a measuring tape and compare it with the size guide. The three stone engagement rings hatton garden can also be measured with this technique.  

Ring technique

Take a pre-owned ring of yours that fits your ring finger comfortably and place the ring against a ruler. Now measure the inner diameter of the ring and look at the chart to see your size. You can also print the guide or the chart and place your old ring on the ring image and you can find a matching diameter.

Buy a ring sizer

For an accurate result, purchase a ring measurement tool available in the online market. They aren’t expensive and a single purchase shall last your entire life. Ring sizes are categorized into two kinds. 1. A keyring lined with gradient ring size 2. A thin measuring tape. 

Pro tip

Strings tend to stretch so do not pull them much or else you will end up measuring a larger size than your actual finger size and purchase the larger ring. Believe it or not, your finger measuring conditions for a ring need to be right. Warm weather conditions make your fingers swell and on the contrary, they are likely to shrink in cold weather. Also, when you wake up in the morning your fingers can be swollen, so the perfect time to measure your finger is at midday at room temperature. It’s the best time and condition to measure to achieve a comfortable fit.
Sapphire Engagement Rings or diamond rings can be measured in these ways. Follow these methods and you will never end up bringing a too large or too small ring for yourself. 

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