[Solved] Xampp-mysql – “Table doesn’t exist in engine” #1932

Xampp error after moving xampp folder:

enter image description here

Apache is running fine:

enter image description here

as given below image i’m sucess to run apache but unable to run mysql if in case i moved and run xampp both apache and mysql but its shows error which is fresh and it show the error like “Table doesn’t exist in engine” #1932 as given up image. please solve the issue anyone help pls

Solution #1:

I have faced same issue and sorted using below step.

  1. Go to MySQL config file (my file at C:xamppmysqlinmy.ini)
  2. Check for the line innodb_data_file_path = ibdata1:10M:autoextend
  3. Next check the ibdata1 file exist under C:/xampp/mysql/data/
  4. If file does not exist copy the ibdata1 file from location C:xamppmysqlackupibdata1

hope it helps to someone.

Respondent: Rohan Patil

Solution #2:

Copy the ib_logfileXX and ibdata
file from old mysql/data folder to the new mysql data folder and it will fix the issue

Respondent: Nava Bogatee

Solution #3:

I have faced same issue but copying the xamppmysqldataibdata1 was not solved my problem, because I install new version of xampp, if you upgrading your xampp first make backup from all htdocs and mysql folder, in my case I just backup the all xampp to the new folder like old-xampp then install new xampp and then you need do the following steps before starting your new xampp servers:

  1. Backup the phpmyadmin folder and ibdata1 from your new installation form this location xamppmysqldata.
  2. Then Go to your old xampp folder old-xamppmysqldata and copy the ibdata1 file and phpmyadmin from old location.
  3. Then open your new xampp folder xamppmysqldata and past them there.
  4. Start the xampp servers.
Respondent: Nazari

Solution #4:

If you have copied & Pasted files from an old backup folder to new then its simple.
Just copy the old ibdata1 into your new one. You can find it from xamppmysqldata

Respondent: Jay Momaya

Solution #5:

  1. stop mysql
  2. copy xamppmysqldataib* from old server to new server
  3. start mysql
Respondent: kan

Solution #6:

  • Copy the content of backups folder into data folder. This worked for me.
  • After this you have to reconfigure innodb files of your existent databases
Respondent: lsfiege

Solution #7:

I also had same issue on my mac. I was running 5.3.0 version. I removed that version and installed 7.2.1 version. After this it is working in my case.

Respondent: Amol J

Solution #8:

I had the same issue. I had a backup of my C:xamppmysqldata folder. But integrating it with the newly installed xampp had issues. So I located the C:xamppmysqlinmy.ini file and directed innodb_data_home_dir = "C:/xampp/mysql/data" to my backed-up data folder and it worked flawlessly.

Respondent: Abu Mutea

Solution #9:

I had previously moved my mysql directory and forgot to change ALL references to the old location in mysqlinmy.ini.

change these three lines:

datadir = "/programs/xampp/mysql/data"
innodb_data_home_dir = "/programs/xampp/mysql/data"
innodb_log_group_home_dir = "/programs/xampp/mysql/data"

Change “/programs/xampp/mysql/data” to new location
this one was commented but I changed it anyways

#innodb_log_arch_dir = "/programs/xampp/mysql/data"
Respondent: Zurupupz

Solution #10:

None of the above solution works for me. After pasting your old mysql/data directory to your new xampp, Check if ibdata1 has all the permissions required by the current user otherwise try to grant the permissions. Then “Empty Session Data” in your phpmyadmin, solved my problem.

Respondent: Jerry Sam

Solution #11:

For me I removed whole data folder ( and took a backup ) from xamppmysql and pasted data folder of previous one here which solved my problem…

Respondent: Muhammad Bilal

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