[Solved] wntdll.pdb not loaded – Can’t see the exception

Sometimes when I quit my application (SaviHOST running a DLL that I’m making) I show this screen:

enter image description here

Unfortunately I don’t know where the error happens, because it just load that screen, not the line where the exception is made.

How can I fix this? What wntdll.pdb have to do with this? Thanks

Solution #1:
  1. Connect to Internet.
  2. Enable Microsoft Symbol Servers in Symbol path settings.

enter image description here

enter image description here

  1. Close VS (I used VS 2015)
  2. Restart and Debug With Native. All symbols will be loaded from MS Servers.

enter image description here

Solution #2:

To see what line in your code caused it click continue and then a pop up pops, click retry.

enter image description here

Respondent: TheLogicGuy
Solution #3:

I had this same error, and it turned out to be me trying to delete a pointer that was not initialized with new operator in a class destructor.


class smu
         delete voff
    char* voff;
Respondent: Daniel
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