[Solved] What does CCYYMMDD date format mean?

I want to speak to a soap service that has a date parameter which is required to be the CCYYMMDD format.

What is its definition?

Solution #1:

It’s just another way of writing yyyyMMdd.

The CC part represents the century, while YY is the two-digit year.

Respondent: Alex Tartan

Solution #2:

It means yyyyMMdd, as in year (4 digits), month (2 digits, leading zero) and day (2 digits, leading zero).

So the ISO 8601 date 2014-01-05 is represented as CCYYMMDD as 20140105.

Respondent: k0pernikus

Solution #3:

CC means Century (but not as in 20th century)
YY means Year
MM means Month
DD means Day

So for current date: 29/10/2015

  • CC : 20

  • YY : 15

  • MM : 10

  • DD : 29

Respondent: stephen

Solution #4:

We are in century 21; not century 20. But they mean to write the year in a 4 digit format, so technically is yyyy. So technically ccyy is wrong. So if you are born in 1990, using the ccyy format is 2090, since 1990 is in the 20th century. But if you have to write a year, you have to assume that they are asking for yyyy, not ccyy. So for example, if you are born in 1990, and they ask you in ccyy, do not write 2090 (although technically is correct) instead write 1990. Assume they want the year in 4 digit format, not the century and 2 digit format year.

Respondent: Javier

Solution #5:

CC in CCYYMMDD date format indicates how many centuries are finished for particular year


  • year 90 has 0 centuries finished but it’s placed in 1st century,
  • year 1980 has 19 centuries finished but it’s placed in 20th century,
  • year 2018 has 20 centuries finished but it’s placed in 21th century,

So CCYY is equal to YYYY but in another way of writing

Respondent: Kristof

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