[Solved] What are PBR_DRV and WINRE_DRV drives for?


What are these drives and what are they used for? I’m looking into upgrading my motherboard and don’t know if I’ll need all of those drives then.

Enquirer: LukaxH


Solution #1:

As Ramhound noted, WINRE_DRV is a partition for Windows Recovery Environment.

I suspect PBR_DRV is a partition associated with the Lenovo One-Key Recovery software. It may be other vendors also supply something based on the same third-party software.

Both of these are probably relatively small partitions that are normally hidden from end-users. You should probably leave them alone unless you have, and know how to use, a full set of DVD/CD media to reinstall your operating system, drivers and vendor-supplied utilities.

Neither of these need “optimization” or defragmenting.

Respondent: RedGrittyBrick

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