[Solved] Unsupported operation :not writeable python

Email validation

#Email validator
import re

def is_email():
    email=input("Enter your email")
    pattern = '[.w]{1,}[@]w+[.]w+'
    file = open('ValidEmails.txt','r')
    if re.match(pattern, email):

I am wondering why my data wont write to the disk. Python says that my operation is not supported.

io.UnsupportedOperation: not writable
Enquirer: Lenard


Solution #1:

You open the variable “file” as a read only then attempt to write to it:

file = open('ValidEmails.txt','r')

Instead, use the ‘w’ flag.

file = open('ValidEmails.txt','w')
Respondent: triphook

Solution #2:

file = open('ValidEmails.txt','wb')
file.write(email.encode('utf-8', 'ignore'))

This is solve your encode error also.

Respondent: Anurag Misra

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