[Solved] Unresolved class ‘@string/appbar_scrolling_view_behavior’

After i updated Android Studio i get this error in my xml for my viewpager.
Weird thing is it works fine and the project builds without any problems.

What is the reason that ‘@string/appbar_scrolling_view_behavior’ is an
Unresolved class?


My viewpager is inside a CoordinatorLayout.

Enquirer: Vince VD


Solution #1:

Same here. Looks like bug in IDE, not in app.

New project (default Tabs) in Android Studio 3.4 shows a warning:

Unresolved class ‘@string/appbar_scrolling_view_behavior’
Inspection info: Validates resource references inside Android XML files.

Not resolved by invalidating cache, clean build, project sync.



When i removed the last line the tabs were not working correctly:

  • fragment in second tab was not shown
  • scroll top position is wrong, goed under top bar

So the IDE cant find it, but the app is definitely using the string/class.

Respondent: Barry Staes

Solution #2:

Those who use or migrated to AndroidX, you can use the following fix to remove the error. This also works in Android Studio 3.4

Respondent: Midhun Murali

Solution #3:

I came across the same problem multiple times.

I always use tools:layout_behavior instead of app:layout_behavior

Respondent: Ilias

Solution #4:

As Barry Staes pointed out, it looks like a bug in the IDE. However, if you’re using the design library, this syntax should make the error go away:


Solution #5:

Go to app level build.gradle and add :

def support_version="28.0.0"
implementation "$support_version"

if not working, modify only the support_version

Respondent: StrouStrup

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