[Solved] Trying to use the DOMParser with node js

I am running into issues when trying to use the DOMParser in my js code. In my code, I retrieve an xml file via xmlhttp.responseText soap response. I want to be able to access its elements in JSON format, so my code looks like:

var xml = new DOMParser();
xml = xml.parseFromString(xmlhttp.responseText, 'text/xml');
var result = xmlToJson(xml);

I get this error message:
ReferenceError: DOMParser is not defined

This link hasn’t worked for me because my javascript isn’t in the HTML page, as it is a node.js file. JavaScript DOMParser access innerHTML and other properties

Solution #1:

A lot of browser functionalities, like DOM manipulations or XHR, are not available natively NodeJS because that is not a typical server task to access the DOM – you’ll have to use an external library to do that.

DOM capacities depends a lot on the library, here’s a quick comparisons of the main tools you can use:

  • jsdom: implements DOM level 4 which is the latest DOM standard, so everything that you can do on a modern browser, you can do it in jsdom. It is the de-facto industry standard for doing browser stuff on Node, used by Mocha, Vue Test Utils, Webpack Prerender SPA Plugin, and many other:

    const jsdom = require("jsdom");
    const dom = new jsdom.JSDOM(`<!DOCTYPE html><p>Hello world</p>`);
    dom.window.document.querySelector("p").textContent; // 'Hello world'
  • htmlparser2: same, but with enhanced performances and flexibility at the price of a more complex API:

    const htmlparser = require("htmlparser2");
    const parser = new htmlparser.Parser({
      onopentag: (name, attrib) => {
        if (name=='p') console.log('a paragraph element is opening');
    }, {decodeEntities: true});
    parser.write(`<!DOCTYPE html><p>Hello world</p>`);
    // console output: 'a paragraph element is opening'
  • cheerio: implementation of jQuery based on HTML DOM parsing by htmlparser2:

    const cheerio = require('cheerio');
    const $ = cheerio.load(`<!DOCTYPE html><p>Hello world</p>`);
    $('p').text('Bye moon');
    $.html(); // '<!DOCTYPE html><p>Bye moon</p>'
  • xmldom: fully implements the DOM level 2 and partially implements the DOM level 3. Works with HTML, and with XML also

  • dom-parser: regex-based DOM parser that implements a few DOM methods like getElementById. Since parsing HTML with regular expressions is a very bad idea I wouldn’t recommend this one for production.

Respondent: Nino Filiu

Solution #2:

There is no DOMParser in node.js, that’s a browser thing. You can try any of these modules though:

Respondent: Esailija

Solution #3:

I used jsdom because it’s got a ton of usage and is written by a prominent web hero – no promises that it’s behavior perfectly matches your browser (or even that every browser’s behavior is the same) but it worked for me:

const jsdom = require("jsdom")
const { JSDOM } = jsdom
global.DOMParser = new JSDOM().window.DOMParser
Respondent: Jon z

Solution #4:

You can use a Node implementation of DOMParser, such as xmldom. This will allow you to access DOMParser outside of the browser. For example:

var DOMParser = require('xmldom').DOMParser;
var parser = new DOMParser();
var document = parser.parseFromString('Your XML String', 'text/xml');
Respondent: Chris Alley

Solution #5:

I really like htmlparser2. It’s a fantastic, fast and lightweight library. I’ve created a small demo on how to use it on RunKit:

Solution #6:

var DOMParser = require('xmldom').DOMParser;
var doc = new DOMParser().parseFromString(
    '<xml xmlns="a" xmlns:c="./lite">
        '	<child>test</child>
        '	<child></child>
        '	<child/>
Respondent: Anjali

Solution #7:

Not a direct answer, but depending on your application you could use JSX parser (used by React.js)

Respondent: Rafael Xavier

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