[Solved] Python: OverflowError: math range error

I get a Overflow error when i try this calculation, but i cant figure out why.

Enquirer: Harpal


Solution #1:

The number you’re asking math.exp to calculate has, in decimal, over 110,000 digits. That’s slightly outside of the range of a double, so it causes an overflow.

Respondent: Glenn Maynard

Solution #2:

To fix it use:

    ans = math.exp(200000)
except OverflowError:
    ans = float('inf')
Respondent: Vatsal

Solution #3:

I think the value gets too large to fit into a double in python which is why you get the OverflowError. The largest value I can compute the exp of on my machine in Python is just sligthly larger than 709.78271.

Respondent: MAK

Solution #4:

This may give you a clue why:*1000000*-0.0641515994108%29

Notice the 111442 exponent.

Respondent: Alin Purcaru

Solution #5:

Unfortunately, no one explained what the real solution was. I solved the problem using:

from mpmath import *

You can find the documentation below:

Respondent: anonymous

Solution #6:

Try np.exp() instead of math.exp()

Numpy handles overflows more gracefully, np.exp(999) results in inf
and 1. / (1. + np.exp(999)) therefore simply results in zero

import math 
import numpy as np

Respondent: mpetric

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