[Solved] Oracle 11g Express Edition for Windows 64bit?

I registered on in order to download 11g R2 Express edition database. But offered me download links only for Windows 32bit and for Linux 64bit.

Is there somewhere 64bit Windows version of Oracle 11g XE database? Are 64bit versions available only for paid Oracle db?

Enquirer: sanjuro


Solution #1:

There is no Windows 64-bit version of Oracle Express Edition. You’ll have to go for Standard/Enterprise editions.

Respondent: Sathyajith Bhat

Solution #2:

There is

I used this blog post to install it in my machine:

The only thing you have to do is replace a registry value during the installation, I’ve done it about three times already, and every time found a different reference on-line, none here on stackoverflow.

EDIT: as @kc2001 noted, regedit must be run as Administrator, and added this tutorial: (a bit more colorful):

Respondent: Alberto de Paola

Solution #3:

I just installed the 32bit 11g R2 Express edition version on 64bit windows, created a new database and performed some queries. Seems to work like it should work! 🙂 I followed the following easy guide!

Respondent: pkmelee337

Solution #4:

Some of more advanced Oracle database features such as session trace do not work properly in Oracle 11g XE 32-bit if installed on Windows 64-bit system. I needed session trace on Windows 7 64-bit.

Apart from that it works well for me in multiple production MS Windows 64-bit systems: Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2003 R2.

Respondent: KMW

Solution #5:

This is a very useful question. It has 5 different helpful answers that say quite different but complementary things (surprising, eh?). This answer combines those answers into a more useful form as well as adding two more solutions.

There is no Oracle Express Edition for 64 bit Windows. See this official [but unanswered] forum thread.
Therefore, these are the classes of solutions:

  • Pay. The paid versions of Oracle (Standard/Enterprise) support 64-bit Windows.
  • Hack. Many people have successfully installed the 32 bit Oracle XE software on 64 bit Windows. This blog post seems to be the one most often cited as helpful. This is unsupported, of course, and session trace is known to fail. But for many folks this is a good solution.
  • VM. If your goal is simply to run Oracle on a 64 bit Windows machine, then running Oracle in a Virtual Machine may be a good solution. VirtualBox is a natural choice because it’s free and Oracle provides pre-configured VMs with Oracle DB installed. VMWare or other virtualization systems work equally well.
  • Develop only. Many users want Oracle XE just to learn Oracle or to test an application with Oracle. If that’s your requirement, then Oracle Enterprise Edition (including support for 64-bit Windows) is free “only for the purpose of developing, testing, prototyping and demonstrating your application”.
Respondent: mdahlman

Solution #6:

Oracle 11G Express Edition is now available to install on 64-bit versions of Windows.

Oracle 11G Download Page

Respondent: takeiteasybrah

Solution #7:

It’s not available yet. See this thread on the official forum.

Respondent: John Doyle

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