[Solved] ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘DataFrame’ [closed]

For the following code:

import pandas as pd
df = pd.DataFrame(np.random.rand(12,2), columns=['Apples', 'Oranges'] )
df['Categories'] = pd.Series(list('AAAABBBBCCCC'))
pd.options.display.mpl_style = 'default'

I get the error:

'pandas' object has no attribute 'DataFrame'.

Any ideas on what is happening and how to fix this problem?

Solution #1:

The code presented here doesn’t show this discrepancy, but sometimes I get stuck when invoking dataframe in all lower case.

Switching to camel-case (pd.DataFrame()) cleans up the problem.

Respondent: Daniel Klaus
Solution #2:

The most likely explanation is that either a file called ‘’ is in the same directory as your script, or that another variable called ‘pd’ is used in your program.

Respondent: Michael Gruen
Solution #3:

Change the file name if your file name is like or, it will shadow the real name otherwise.

Respondent: raju
Solution #4:

For me he problem was that my script was called in the folder pandas which obviously messed up my imports.

Respondent: Hans
Solution #5:

There may be two causes:

  1. It is case-sensitive: DataFrame …. Dataframe, dataframe will not work.
  2. You have not install pandas (pip install pandas) in the python path.
Solution #6:

Please make sure that your file name should not be or
Also, make sure that panda is there in your Lib/site-packages directory, if not that you need to install panda using below command line:

pip install pandas

if you work with proxy then try calling below in command prompt:

python.exe -m pip install pandas --proxy="YOUR_PROXY_IP:PORT"
Respondent: Sandy
Solution #7:

I have faced similar problem, ‘int’ object has no attribute ‘DataFrame’,

This was because i have mistakenly used pd as a variable in my code and assigned an integer to it, while using the same pd as my pandas dataframe object by declaring – import pandas as pd.

I realized this, and changed my variable to something else, and fixed the error.

Respondent: SVK
Solution #8:

I recieved a similar error:

AttributeError: module ‘pandas’ has no attribute ‘DataFrame’

The cause of my error was that I ran pip install of pandas as root, and my user did not have permission to the directory.

My fix was to run:

sudo chmod -R 755 /usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages

Respondent: Jeff
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