[Solved] Is there an “about:config” (Firefox) In Google’s Chrome?

Anything similar to "about:config” (Firefox) In Google’s Chrome ?

Enquirer: joe


Solution #1:

There is no about:config at the moment.

the feature request on chromium was closed on July 22nd with the status WontFix so you’ll probably have to keep bumping the original feature request or open a new request here with additional ideas or features than the previous.

Respondent: Greg Buehler

Solution #2:

Yes, and no. If by about:config, you mean “special page that lets you configure secret stuff, then it’s there, and you can access it through about:flags.

If you want the complete list of pages available on Chrome, try about:about.

Respondent: aviraldg

Solution #3:

Using about:about converts to chrome://about which consists of ALL settings pages available for Chrome:

chrome://about page

Additionally, you should check the about:flags too.

Respondent: Lenin

Solution #4:

On a Google Support forums question entitled “Is there an about:config”, on July 10, 2009, user “PatrickB1991” responded with the following:

No, currently there is no about:config page…
But you can vote for
and hope it will get implemented sometimes.

Respondent: nik

Solution #5:

There’s nothing that’s exactly identical to Firefox’s about:config, but I’m surprised that nobody’s mentioned Chrome’s about:flags feature. You can use this to turn on/off experimental browser features. It doesn’t give you the granularity that Firefox provides, but it can allow you to do some cool things.

Respondent: derrylwc

Solution #6:

There is chrome://settings.

It is not a table, as about:config in Firefox, it’s tabbed, with tree structure. Every settings page has a URI (chrome://settings/advanced) and even individual options could be linked – for now only using search and clicking on a section of interest (chrome://settings/search#sync).

Respondent: a13ph

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