[Solved] ‘invalid value encountered in double_scalars’ warning, possibly numpy

As I run my code I get these warnings, always in groups of four, sporadically. I have tried to locate the source by placing debug messages before and after certain statements to pin-point its origin.

Warning: invalid value encountered in double_scalars
Warning: invalid value encountered in double_scalars
Warning: invalid value encountered in double_scalars
Warning: invalid value encountered in double_scalars

Is this is a Numpy warning, and what is a double scalar?

From Numpy I use

min(), argmin(), mean() and random.randn()

I also use Matplotlib

Enquirer: Theodor


Solution #1:

It looks like a floating-point calculation error. Check the numpy.seterr function to get more information about where it happens.

Respondent: eumiro

Solution #2:

In my case, I found out it was division by zero.

Respondent: Volod

Solution #3:

Sometimes NaNs or null values in data will generate this error with Numpy. If you are ingesting data from say, a CSV file or something like that, and then operating on the data using numpy arrays, the problem could have originated with your data ingest. You could try feeding your code a small set of data with known values, and see if you get the same result.

Respondent: Jeff

Solution #4:

Zero-size array passed to numpy.mean raises this warning (as indicated in several comments).

For some other candidates:

  • median also raises this warning on zero-sized array.

other candidates do not raise this warning:

  • min,argmin both raise ValueError on empty array
  • randn takes *arg; using randn(*[]) returns a single random number
  • std,var return nan on an empty array
Respondent: Dave

Solution #5:

I ran into similar problem – Invalid value encountered in … After spending a lot of time trying to figure out what is causing this error I believe in my case it was due to NaN in my dataframe. Check out working with missing data in pandas.

None == None

np.nan == np.nan

When NaN is not equal to NaN then arithmetic operations like division and multiplication causes it throw this error.

Couple of things you can do to avoid this problem:

  1. Use pd.set_option to set number of decimal to consider in your analysis so an infinitesmall number does not trigger similar problem – (‘display.float_format’, lambda x: ‘%.3f’ % x).

  2. Use df.round() to round the numbers so Panda drops the remaining digits from analysis. And most importantly,

  3. Set NaN to zero df=df.fillna(0). Be careful if Filling NaN with zero does not apply to your data sets because this will treat the record as zero so N in the mean, std etc also changes.

Respondent: S_Dhungel

Solution #6:

Whenever you are working with csv imports, try to use df.dropna() to avoid all such warnings or errors.

Respondent: Abhinav Bangia

Solution #7:

I encount this while I was calculating np.var(np.array([])). np.var will divide size of the array which is zero in this case.

Respondent: ???

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