[Solved] Invalid Gradle JDK configuration found?

I am very new in Android Studio. I have a problem with gradle.
it says,

Error:Invalid Gradle JDK configuration found.
Platform SDK does not point to valid `JDK` `(C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.8.0_20)`.
Consult IDE log for more details (Help | Show Log)

then what should I do to solve that?

Solution #1:

Under Android Studio, select File > Project Structure > JDK location.
Specify the JDK to the folder of your currently installed JDK. And specify the SDK location as well.

Respondent: ctc chen

Solution #2:

If you want / need to, update your JDK installation to the version that you want to use.

Next, find the version for your current JDK installation by running javac -version or java -version. Check that it is what you expect.

Next, find the JDK installation directory:

  • It should be on your %PATH%.
  • By default it will be a subdirectory of “C:Program FilesJava”‘ for example: “C:Program FilesJavajdk1.8.0_45”

Next, start Android Studio, and go to the “File->Project Structure->JDK Location” preference page.

The file path given by the preference should be the path to the JDK installation director that you identified above. If it isn’t then update it.


  • Use the full pathname of the installation directory; e.g. “C:Program FilesJavajdk1.8.0_45”.
  • Use a pathname, not a URL.
Respondent: Mahmudur Rahman

Solution #3:


  1. Go to build.gradle and at the top there will be a message JDK missing
  2. Click on it and use JDK from the list (or download one if you don’t have)
  3. Sync project


Respondent: Stack Fox

Solution #4:

I got this issue in Android studio 4.2 canary, and I had to delete those generated files:


then clicking try again to sync the project.

Respondent: spider

Solution #5:

For Android studio Canary Build Arctic Fox 2020.3.1 this seems like a bug or hard dependency with Jdk 11.

I already had jdk defined, but I was still getting this error. Got resolved after installing jdk 11 and providing path to it in the jdk location here

File > Project Structure > JDK location
Respondent: Anuj Garg

Solution #6:

I have solve this problem my App name “Addvoicetomusic2”;
go to app dir-

  • then remove .gradle and .idea file
    *then connect to internet
  • restart android studio project
    successfully solve
Respondent: amra ram

Solution #7:

The simple and easy way is

Go To Your build.gradle(Module:app)
At the top right corner you will find notification JDK is missing or download missing JDK
Clik on that notification and download JDK and Sync Project.

Respondent: Raza

Solution #8:

amra ram’s solution worked for me, more or less. I had an old .idea directory with a weird configuration. Deleting it, closing Android Studio, and opening the project again forced it to reinstall and sync Gradle.

Respondent: Dan Rice

Solution #9:

When I encountered this same problem, I solved it by specifying the path to the portable (non installed) JDK8.

Respondent: Julian Kolodzey

Solution #10:

Same error i got when I install android studio on my pc . at the time of installation I have installed android sdk and android studio in different path so In project structure I have set my new sdk path .
Still I got message of invalid jdk …then I knew location of jdk ,again in project structure I have set my jdk path.It works.

Respondent: blackstorm

Solution #11:

For me the problem appeared after updating IntelliJ to version 2020.2.1.

Just solved it by going to Project Structure -> SDK. There I only had the Java jdk. I’ve added IntelliJ IDEA Platform Plugin SDK and that seems to have solved the problem. gradle loads just fine.

Respondent: GivinStatic

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