[Solved] Intel HAXM is required to run this AVD

I have installed Android Studio 3.3.1 and everything worked perfectly until I closed it. When I try to open a run again my project it says:

Intel HAXM is required to run this AVD

Unknown error, What should I do?

Solution #1:

When Android Studio is open, click Configure on lower right corner, then select SDK Manager from the list. Head over to SDK Tools

Configure button on Android Studio

Look for Intel HAXM and make sure it’s checked. If not, check the box and click apply.
And you are good to go.

Intel HAXM in SDK Tools

Make sure it is installed along with the Android Emulator. Then it should work.

Respondent: Gourav

Solution #2:

In my case, I installed software which is required to enable Hyper-V. If you also face it, check it.
On Window (I mean I config on Window, not Ubuntu or MacOsX), it’s in "Turn Windows feature on or off". Uncheck Hyper-V and restart your computer.

Respondent: Phuong Phuong

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