[Solved] Indentation shortcuts in Visual Studio

I’m new to Visual Studio 2010 and C#. How can I indent the selected text to left/right by using shortcuts?

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In the Delphi IDE the equivalents are Ctrl+Shift+I and Ctrl+Shift+U

Enquirer: RBA


Solution #1:

Tab and Shift+Tab will do that.

Another cool trick is holding down ALT when you select text, it will allow you to make a square selection. Starting with VS2010, you can start typing and it will replace the contents of your square selection with what you type. Absolutely awesome for changing a bunch of lines at once.

Respondent: RBA

Solution #2:

CtrlK, CtrlD

Will just prettify the entire document. Saves a lot of messing about,
compared to delphi.

Make sure to remove all indents by first selecting everything with
Ctrl+A then press Shift+Tab
repeatedly until everything is aligned to the left. After you do that
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+D
will work the way you want them to.

You could also do the same but only to a selection of code by highlighting the block of code you want to realign, aligning it to the left side
(Shift+Tab) and then after making sure you’ve selected the code you want to realign press Ctrl+K, Ctrl+F or just right click the highlighted code and select “Format Selection”.

Respondent: Mike Christensen

Solution #3:

If you would like nicely auto-formatted code. Try CTRL + A + K + F. While holding down CTRL hit a, then k, then f.

Respondent: Tony Hopkinson

Solution #4:

Tab to tab right, shift-tab to tab left.

Respondent: Mausimo

Solution #5:

Visual studio’s smart indenting does automatically indenting, but we can select a block or all the code for indentation.

  1. Select all the code: Ctrl+a

  2. Use either of the two ways to indentation the code:

    • Shift+Tab,

    • Ctrl+k+f.

Respondent: Giovanni Galbo

Solution #6:

You can just use Tab and Shift+Tab

Respondent: Jorgesys

Solution #7:

Just hit Tab to push it over or on the menu bar Edit –> Advanced –> Format Selection and that will auto indent, the keyboard shortcut is also shown in the menu.

Respondent: Bassam Mehanni

Solution #8:

If the move-left and move-right shortcuts do not appear on your screen, click at the rightmost position of your toolbar at the top. You should get “Add or Remove Buttons.” Add the buttons “decrease line indent” and “increase line indent”

Respondent: Schreinbo

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