[Solved] How to use graphics.h in codeblocks?

I have recently started learning graphics in C++.

I tried #include <graphics.h> in my program in codeblocks but it shows error. Then I downloaded graphics.h header from a site and pasted in the include folder in codeblocks, yet it shows graphics.h:No such file or directory.

Can anyone teach me how to use graphics.h in codeblocks?

Solution #1:

  1. First download WinBGIm from Extract it.
  2. Copy graphics.h and winbgim.h files in include folder of your compiler directory
  3. Copy libbgi.a to lib folder of your compiler directory
  4. In code::blocks open Settings >> Compiler and debugger >>linker settings
    click Add button in link libraries part and browse and select libbgi.a file
  5. In right part (i.e. other linker options) paste commands
    -lbgi -lgdi32 -lcomdlg32 -luuid -loleaut32 -lole32
  6. Click OK

For detail information follow this link.

Respondent: Dinesh Subedi

Solution #2:

AFAIK, in the epic DOS era there is a header file named graphics.h shipped with Borland Turbo C++ suite. If it is true, then you are out of luck because we’re now in Windows era.

Respondent: nim

Solution #3:

You don’t only need the header file, you need the library that goes with it. Anyway, the include folder is not automatically loaded, you must configure your project to do so. Right-click on it : Build options > Search directories > Add. Choose your include folder, keep the path relative.

Edit For further assistance, please give details about the library you’re trying to load (which provides a graphics.h file.)

Respondent: John WH Smith

Solution #4:

If you want to use Codeblocks and Graphics.h,you can use Codeblocks-EP(I used it when I was learning C in college) then you can try


In Codeblocks-EP , [File]->[New]->[Project]->[WinBGIm Project]

Codeblocks-EP WinBGIm Project Graphics.h

It has templates for WinBGIm projects installed and all the necessary libraries pre-installed.

OR try this

Respondent: Mukesh M

Solution #5:

  • Open the file graphics.h using either of Sublime Text Editor or
    Notepad++,from the include folder where you have installed
  • Goto line no 302
  • Delete the line and paste int left=0, int top=0, int right=INT_MAX, int bottom=INT_MAX, in that line.
  • Save the file and start Coding.
Respondent: Aditya Ankur

Solution #6:

It is a tradition to use Turbo C for graphic in C/C++. But it’s also a pain in the neck. We are using Code::Blocks IDE, which will ease out our work.

Steps to run graphics code in CodeBlocks:

  1. Install Code::Blocks
  2. Download the required header files
  3. Include graphics.h and winbgim.h
  4. Include libbgi.a
  5. Add Link Libraries in Linker Setting
  6. include graphics.h and Save code in cpp extension

To test the setting copy paste run following code:

#include <graphics.h>
int main( )
    initwindow(400, 300, "First Sample");
    circle(100, 50, 40);
    while (!kbhit( ))
    return 0;

Here is a complete setup instruction for Code::Blocks

How to include graphics.h in CodeBlocks?

Respondent: alkesh Miyani

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