[Solved] How to remove this xa0 from a string in python?

I have the following string:

 word = u'Buffalo,xa0ILxa060625'

I don’t want the “xa0” in there. How can I get rid of it? The string I want is:

word = 'Buffalo, IL 06025

Solution #1:

If you know for sure that is the only character you don’t want, you can .replace it:

>>> word.replace(u'xa0', ' ')
u'Buffalo, IL 60625'

If you need to handle all non-ascii characters, encoding and replacing bad characters might be a good start…:

>>> word.encode('ascii', 'replace')
Respondent: mgilson

Solution #2:

The most robust way would be to use the unidecode module to convert all non-ASCII characters to their closest ASCII equivalent automatically.

The character xa0 (not xa as you stated) is a NO-BREAK SPACE, and the closest ASCII equivalent would of course be a regular space.

import unidecode
word = unidecode.unidecode(word)
Respondent: Mark Ransom

Solution #3:

There is no xa there. If you try to put that into a string literal, you’re going to get a syntax error if you’re lucky, or it’s going to swallow up the next attempted character if you’re not, because x sequences aways have to be followed by two hexadecimal digits.

What you have is xa0, which is an escape sequence for the character U+00A0, aka “NO-BREAK SPACE”.

I think you want to replace them with spaces, but whatever you want to do is pretty easy to write:

word.replace(u'xa0', u' ') # replaced with space
word.replace(u'xa0', u'0') # closest to what you were literally asking for
word.replace(u'xa0', u'')  # removed completely
Respondent: abarnert

Solution #4:

You can easily use unicodedata to get rid of all of x... characters.

from unicodedata import normalize
normalize('NFKD', word)
>>> 'Buffalo, IL 60625'
Respondent: Amir Imani

Solution #5:

This seems to work for getting rid of non-ascii characters:

fixedword = word.encode('ascii','ignore')
Respondent: khelwood

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