[Solved] How to print to the console in Android Studio?

I just downloaded Android Studio for Linux from:

I’m wondering how to print to the console?

Neither System.out.print(...) nor Log.e(...) from android.util.Log seem to work.

Enquirer: Tyrick


Solution #1:

Run your application in debug mode by clicking on

enter image description here

in the upper menu of Android Studio.

In the bottom status bar, click 5: Debug button, next to the 4: Run button.

Now you should select the Logcat console.

In search box, you can type the tag of your message, and your message should appear, like in the following picture (where the tag is CREATION):

enter image description here

Check this article for more information.

Respondent: Brandon S. Lee

Solution #2:

Android has its own method of printing messages (called logs) to the console, known as the LogCat.

When you want to print something to the LogCat, you use a Log object, and specify the category of message.

The main options are:

  • DEBUG: Log.d
  • ERROR: Log.e
  • INFO: Log.i
  • VERBOSE: Log.v
  • WARN: Log.w

You print a message by using a Log statement in your code, like the following example:

Log.d("myTag", "This is my message");

Within Android Studio, you can search for log messages labelled myTag to easily find the message in the LogCat. You can also choose to filter logs by category, such as “Debug” or “Warn”.

Respondent: RogueBaneling

Solution #3:

Android Studio 3.0 and earlier:

If the other solutions don’t work, you can always see the output in the Android Monitor.

android studio screen shot

Make sure to set your filter to Show only selected application or create a custom filter.

enter image description here

Respondent: Derek Soike

Solution #4:

You can see the println() statements in the Run window of Android Studio.

See detailed answer with screenshot here.

Respondent: Shailendra Madda

Solution #5:

If your app is launched from device, not IDE, you can do later in menu: RunAttach Debugger to Android Process.

This can be useful when debugging notifications on closed application.

Respondent: Zon

Solution #6:

I had solve the issue by revoking my USB debugging authorizations.

To Revoke,

Go to Device Settings > Enable Developer Options > Revoke USB debugging authorizations

Respondent: Jay Mungara

Solution #7:

Be careful when using Logcat, it will truncate your message after ~4,076 bytes which can cause a lot of headache if you’re printing out large amounts of data.

To get around this you have to write a function that will break it up into multiple parts like so.

Respondent: Josh Correia

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