[Solved] How to install pandas in pycharm

I am trying to install the pandas package in pycharm. I get the following error: unable to find vcvarsall.bat (i tried to install via the cmd but also via the project interpreter). I tried to install WSDK according to here but it did not work. I also tried the instructions in the video. Lastly i tried downloading the gcc binary according.

None of these worked. Any ideas ? I am using Windows 10, my python version is 3.4.1 and the pip version is 1.5.6 (for 64-bit)

Enquirer: quant


Solution #1:

Try python -m pip install --upgrade pip followed by pip install pandas, or python -m pip install pandas.

Respondent: Uvar

Solution #2:

If you are on latest PyCharm 2018 then follow the below steps to install:


Click on PyCharm shown on the Menu bar -> Click Preferences -> Click Project Interpreter under your Project -> Click ‘+‘ -> search for ‘pandas’/’numpy’ (you can specify specific version you want to install) and Click install underneath. Now you’re done.

Respondent: Deekshith Bucky

Solution #3:

Open terminal from View -> Tool Windows -> Terminal
type command:
pip install pandas

Upon successful installation you should see output like so:

Successfully installed numpy-1.14.3 pandas-0.23.0 python-dateutil-2.7.3 pytz-2018.4 six-1.11.0

Then from File ? Settings ? Project: YourProjectName ? Project Interpreter
check that under project interpreter pandas package installed.

Respondent: Hamed Nikzad

Solution #4:

Easiest way to do this is install anaconda on your machine.
Then fire up your pycharm >> go to new project >> then you are given with 2 option – one is to select folder and the second one is to select interpreter .

Select interpreter as the directory where you have installed anaconda then go to settings, there you find something available packages then search for the package you wish you install and press install package and you are good to go.

This is the list you will get , just click on the one you want to install and hit install package at the bottom of dialog box.

enter image description here

Respondent: Shubham Shakya

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