[Solved] how to find my angular version in my project?

I have setup the angular code on my local machine. I need to know the version of the angular that I am using in the project. how can I easily find it in cmd prompt?

Solution #1:

There are several ways you can do that:

  1. Go into node_modules/@angular/core/package.json and check version field.
  2. If you need to use it in your code, you can import it from the @angular/core:

    import { VERSION } from '@angular/core';

  3. Inspect the rendered DOM – Angular adds the version to the main component element:

    <my-app ng-version="4.1.3">

Respondent: Max Koretskyi

Solution #2:

try this command :

ng --version

It prints out Angular, Angular CLI, Node, Typescript versions etc.

Solution #3:

For Angular 1 or 2 (but not for Angular 4+):

You can also open the console and go to the element tab on the developer tools of whatever browser you use.


Type angular.version to access the Javascript object that holds angular version.

For Angular 4+ There is are the number of ways as listed below :

Write below code in the command prompt/or in the terminal in the VS Code.

  1. ng version or ng –version (See the attachment for the reference.)
  2. ng v
  3. ng -v

In the terminal you can find the angular version as shown in the attached image :
enter image description here

  1. You can also open the console and go to the element tab on the developer tools of whatever browser you use. As displayed in the below image :

enter image description here

5.Find the package.json file, You will find all the installed packages and their version.

  1. declare the variable named as ‘VERSION’, Import the dependencies.
import { VERSION } from '@angular/core';

// To display the version in the console.

Respondent: Trilok Pathak

Solution #4:

define VERSION variable and import version into it.

import { VERSION } from '@angular/core';

Now you can use VERSION variable in your code to print version
For example,

Respondent: Virendra Jadeja

Solution #5:

For Angular 2+ you can run this in the console:


For AngularJS 1.x:

Respondent: Nateowami

Solution #6:

You can also find dependencies version details in package.json file as following:

enter image description here

Respondent: Imran Javed

Solution #7:

  1. Browser > Inspect > Element >

    <.app-root _nghost-hey-c0=”” ng-version=”8.2.11″>

  2. In terminal

    :> ng version
    :> ng –version
    :> ng -v

Solution #8:

If you try to check angular version in the browser, for me only this worked Ctrl+Shift+i and paste below command in console:



enter image description here
enter image description here

Respondent: Eduard Florinescu

Solution #9:

ng --version command will show only the installed angular version in your computer instead of the actual project version.

if you really want to know the project version, Go to your project, use the below command

npm list -local

enter image description here

Respondent: Sathia

Solution #10:

you can use ng –version for angular version 7

Respondent: minitechi

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