[Solved] How to decrypt the password generated by wordpress

I am using a wordpress site. I just want to know , How to get a plain text from encrypted password(stored in wordpress database). I used the $wp_hasher->CheckPassword($plain_password, $password_hashed) to check the password is correct or not. But this time i would like to know how to get plain text.

Solution #1:

This is one of the proposed solutions found in the article Jacob mentioned, and it worked great as a manual way to change the password without having to use the email reset.

  1. In the DB table wp_users, add a key, like abc123 to the
    user_activation column.
  2. Visit
  3. You will be prompted to enter a new password.
Respondent: Justin

Solution #2:

You will not be able to retrieve a plain text password from wordpress.

WordPress use a 1 way encryption to store the passwords using a variation of md5. There is no way to reverse this.

See this article for more info

Respondent: Jacob Tomlinson

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