[Solved] How do I configure a Python interpreter in IntelliJ IDEA with the PyCharm plugin?

There is a tutorial in the IDEA docs on how to add a Python interpreter in PyCharm, which involves accessing the “Project Interpreter” page. Even after installing the Python plugin, I don’t see that setting anywhere.

Am I missing something obvious?

Enquirer: kousen


Solution #1:

With the Python plugin installed:

  1. Navigate to File > Project Structure.
  2. Under the Project menu for Project SDK, select “New” and
  3. Select “Python SDK”, then select “Local”.

Provided you have a Python SDK installed, the flow should be natural from there – navigate to the location your Python installation lives.

Respondent: Makoto

Solution #2:

So here is a simple project, where I have used Selenium and added that using external path


Now you need to open Project Structure and go to SDK Section

Project Structure

Now Select your project’s virtual environment. In the Classpath tab add the PYTHONPATH by clicking + button


and now the modules will be recognized

Module recognized

Respondent: Tarun Lalwani

Solution #3:

I was getting the error (IntelliJ on Ubuntu 18.04) while python SDK was configured.

To fix that, I had to do this:

  1. File -> Project Structure -> Modules
  2. Click on the Dependencies tab, and click on + and select the python SDK

    enter image description here

  3. Click on Apply

After that, the warning went away and autocompletion also started working properly

Respondent: Junaid

Solution #4:

If you have multiple modules in your project, with different languages, you can set the interpreter in the following way:

  • File -> Project Structure...
  • Select Modules in the list on the left
  • Select the Python module in the list of modules
  • On the right-hand side, either choose an existing Python SDK from the dropdown list, or click on the New... button to create either a virtualenv, or create a new Python SDK from a Python installation on your system.
Respondent: Zoltán

Solution #5:

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Setting (Ctrl + Alt + s)
  2. Click on plugins
  3. Find Browse Repositories and click
  4. Search for “python”
  5. Select Python SDK or pycharm
  6. Restart the IDE
  7. Go to project structure
  8. Select the python SDK in projects or create a new project with python SDK.
Respondent: Prakash

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