[Solved] Github enterprise – remote: Password authentication is not available for Git operations

My git was working fine, then without changing anything than the following problem started to happen,
I have tried resetting the cache in


and have gone through pretty much every stackoverflow answer I could find

remote: Password authentication is not available for Git operations.
remote: You must use a personal access token or SSH key.
remote: See or
The requested URL returned error: 403


Solution #1:

If you have registered a public ssh key to your GitHub enterprise account, you could side-step the issue using an ssh url

cd /path/to/repo
git remote set-url origin [email protected]:WBurney/Blockchain_SDO.git

Then any command like git push/git fetch/git pull/git ls-remote would use the SSH URL set by git remote set-url.

But regarding your original issue, try and follow “Creating a personal access token for the command line“.

If you are on Mac, update your credentials from the OSX Keychain.

You might need to remove an old cached credential first.
(As commented by RayLoveless)

Respondent: VonC

Solution #2:

Another solution that worked for me was changing the credentials via the Windows Credentials Manager:

1) Clear your cached credentials (thanks @Rayloveless).

2) Follow the steps in this link to create an access token.

  • In the upper-right corner of any page, click your profile photo.
  • Click Settings
  • In the left sidebar, click Developer settings
  • Personal access tokens
  • Generate new Token

3) Go to “Windows Credential Manager” and look for your Github Enterprise account.

4) Click modify and replace the password with the token you generated.

Respondent: Omar Yaya

Solution #3:

Try below one –

git clone https://<user-name>:<git-token>@<github-path.git>
Respondent: Ajay Kumar

Solution #4:

The accepted answer will work only for ssh, not for https.

The cache reset commends seems to have recently changed. For me that eventually made it work.

git credential reject
Respondent: Atul Soman

Solution #5:

You need to reset the credential. Open GIT CMD and type below command

git credential reject

press enter. The cursor would be waiting for the next input. Then type


Replace, with your link.

Press “enter” twice so let git know that’s the end of the command. Now you need two things before any git operations as it will first validate your username and password.

  1. Username – It would present near your logo under signed in as. Example this is mine. Give the exact username –

enter image description here

  1. Password –
  • Click Settings
  • In the left sidebar, click Developer settings
  • Personal access tokens
  • Generate new Token (copy this token somewhere. It won’t show up again)

Next, go to git cmd and do your git operation.
for example –

git clone

Once started, it will prompt for username and password. Give the username example: Rohan-Chikorde and password: e67682yourgeneratedtoken as described above and you would be good to go.

Respondent: rohan chikorde

Solution #6:

for me it was an easy process to go as

  1. generate my token
  2. git remote remove origin
  3. git remote add origin https://<token>@<git_url>.git
  4. now try the command(push,pull,..) again.
Respondent: Ali Aref

Solution #7:

For me it worked when I deleted the old generated token and generated new one and used that

Respondent: Monalisa Das

Solution #8:

Put your GitHub email instead of your username when pushing to Github

Respondent: Boshra Jaber

Solution #9:

git remote set-url origin [email protected]:WBurney/Blockchain_SDO.git

The above git command will works

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