[Solved] Getting error “The package appears to be corrupt” while installing apk file

I am having a weird problem.I got this error after I updated Android Studio from 2.3.3 to 3.0..The problem is when I try to install apk file it says

App not installed.
The package appears to be corrupt.

I have tried generating apk in both debug and release version and tried to install but whenever I install apk it show the same message..

When I run the android project from android studio it is working.
May be the gradle problem but couldn’t fix it.
Please help

Solution #1:

After searching a lot I found a solution:

Go to Build-> Build Apk(s).

After creating apk you will see a dialog as below.

enter image description here

Click on locate and install it in your phone


Respondent: tej shah

Solution #2:

As I got this case at my own and the answers here didn’t help me, my situation was because of I downgraded the targetSdkVersion in gradle app module file from 24 to 22 for some reason, and apparently the apk doesn’t accept another one with downgraded targetSdkVersion to be installed over it.

So, once I changed it back to 24 the error disappeared and app installed correctly.

Respondent: Muhammed Refaat

Solution #3:

When you are releasing signed apk , please make sure you tick both v1 and v2 in signature versions

See below screenshot for more info
Signed APK generation

Respondent: Sangeet Suresh

Solution #4:

In my case; If you receive this error while updating your application, It may be because of the target SDK version. In such case you will receive this error on logs;

"Package new target SDK 22 doesn't support runtime permissions but the old target SDK 23 does"

This is because your previous aplication was build with a higher version of sdk. If your new app was build with 22 and your installed application was build with 23, you will get The package appears to be corrupt error on update.

Respondent: Sabri Mevi?

Solution #5:

This is weird. I don’t know why this was happening with me while generating signed apk but below steps worked for me.

  1. Go to file and select invalidate caches/restarts
  2. After that go to build select clean project
  3. And then select Rebuild project

That’s it.

Respondent: Harsh Prajapati

Solution #6:

In my case, the target phone had the app already installed, but in a “disabled” state. So the user thought it was already uninstalled, but it wasn’t. I went to the main app list, clicked on the “disabled” app, uninstalled it, and then the APK would go on.

Respondent: ArtHare

Solution #7:

In my case by making build, from Build> Build apks, it worked.

Respondent: Ananta Prasad

Solution #8:

None of the answer is working for me.

As the error message is package corrupt , I will have to run

  1. adb uninstall <package name>
  2. Run app again / use adb install
Respondent: Qi Hao

Solution #9:

Running a direct build APK will work. But make sure you uninstall any previously installed package of the same name.

Respondent: Newtoxton

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