[Solved] Genymotion error – VirtualBox DHCP server has not assigned an IP address to the virtual device

I have been trying to get an Android emulator running for a few weeks now with no luck. I first tried Xamarin Android Player and couldn’t get it to work, so I decided to try Genymotion.

I installed a few virtual devices and get the same error for all.

Error: The device got no IP address. The virtualBox server has not assigned an IP address to the virtual device.

I tried several things that I found online (including stack overflow):

  1. I have an AMD processor, so I ensured “Secure Virtual Machine Mode” was enabled in the BIOS
  2. I uninstalled/reinstalled both VirtualBox and Genymotion
  3. Ensured “Promiscuous Mode” was set to “Allow VMs” under the VirtualBox network settings
  4. In VirtualBox opened Host Network Manager – deleted it, restarted and re-tryed.
  5. Completely Disabled my Firewall
  6. I ensured the Host Network Manager settings were correct. See screenshots below:

enter image description here
enter image description here

Id I attempt to run it directly from VirtualBox, I get an error that says “eth0 is not configured correctly – HARDWARE OPENGL IS DISABLED !!!”

This is what the settings look like in VirtualBox:

enter image description here

Solution #1:

start VirtualBox ,RightClick on Intended device,click start then Click normal start normal wait for window shows up,after seeing IP Management on that window,start Genymotion then start intended device.

dont forget do not close window.

Respondent: AminST
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