[Solved] Error: Your cpu does not support required features(vt-x or svm) on AMD CPU under Windows

I keep getting the error noted above when I try to run a virtual device.

My CPU does support virtualisation and it is enabled.

I have ran a virtual device on eclipse before but, for some reason, Android Studio is giving me a hard time.

My CPU is an AMD FX 6350 six core processor 3.90 Ghz running Windows 10.

Enquirer: E.S

Solution #1:

I had the same problem. Android Studio emulator won’t run on Windows with an AMD processor. The error message is kind of misleading, as it suggests the problem is with the CPU. But it is within the troubleshoot message: “Windows/OSX computer with an Intel processor”.

Solutions could be installing Linux and running Android Studio on that (which might come with its own issues), using a physical device for testing or using the slow ARM images.

Respondent: mbruns42
Solution #2:

Now, in 2019, Android Studio supports running virtual devices with AMD processor on Windows.

More info at


  • AMD processor with virtualization (most do support it)
  • enabled virtualization in UEFI/BIOS
  • Windows 10 with Windows Hypervisor Platform (available from April 2018 Update, does not have to be Pro, can be Home)
  • Windows Hypervisor Platform must be turned on
  • updated Android Studio
  • Android Emulator must be installed in SDK Tools

If any of these is missing the error message shown is misleading and recommends using an Intel processor or Linux, which is not very helpful.

Respondent: clearpath
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