[Solved] Error while trying to run project: Unable to start program. The request is not supported

I’m having problems launching an application with VS2017 on Windows 10. Starting in Debug mode, a popup apperars with the message:

Error while trying to run project: Unable to start program ”.
The request is not supported.

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If I launch without debug, it runs. If I run it and then attach to the process, it attaches.

If I run with administrative privileges, then it debugs (but I can’t develop with administrative privileges). I’m owner of the folder where is source code and where project is built.

It works like a charm on previous PC with Windows 7.

Any idea?

Solution #1:

You need to check “Use Managed Compatibility Mode” in Tools|Options|Debugging|General.

Respondent: emre kaplan
Solution #2:

In the end, i found the solution. The problem is ConEmu set in “Aggressive mode” and as default terminal: it capture my application execution and do some unknown interference.
I removed that setting, and my app work like a charm.

Respondent: Tognolo
Solution #3:

In my case this was the result of my virus software quarantining the executable as “Malware” because I had used a component in it that connected to the internet. Once I listed my project folder as excluded from malware detection everything ran just fine.

Respondent: Randall Doser
Solution #4:

I discovered this issue in Visual Studio 2017, and I found that excluding my code folders from my virus scanner (MalwareBytes) solved the problem in my case.

Respondent: CWDev
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