[Solved] Error in library(dplyr) : there is no package called ‘dplyr’

I am trying to instsall dplyr package but got an error message saying “Error in library(dplyr) : there is no package called ‘dplyr’”. I am using window system and Ri386 3.5.2. I tried to fix with code install.

packages(“Rcpp”) as suggested by others but still getting error message. Thanks for taking time to help with me.

Solution #1:

Try install.packages("dplyr"), the double quote is important.

Respondent: Mensch
Solution #2:

You dont have the package installed. To do that use :

Then library(dplyr)

Solution #3:

this problem happened to me, too. The reason is that after you run “install.packages("dplyr")“, the package installed in your R library (check here: C:Program FilesRR-3.5.1library) is actually called “dbplyr”.

So if you run library(dplyr), there should be no library under this name.

My solution is: turn off R studio, open it again. The run:

Respondent: Sara
Solution #4:

In my case, dplyr hadn’t installed completely the first time I tried install.packages(“dplyr”) and, for some reason, refused to be overwritten when I tried to reinstall it. Manually deleting the dplyr folder and then reinstalling it worked for me. I just typed “dplyr” into the Windows start menu, which pulled up the correct folder in the R library, then I just hit right click and delete.

Respondent: R. Buchanan
Solution #5:

What I did to solve is,
I removed the package ‘dplyr’


then re-installed it again!


then rather calling it this way,


I called this way,


and then did tried again without those quotations and it worked(I guess)!

Try this and do let us know the results!

Respondent: An Android
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