[Solved] enable or disable checkbox in html

I want to enable or disable checkbox in table’s row on basis of condition.

code –

<td><input type="checkbox" name="repriseCheckBox" disabled={checkStat == 1 ? true : false}/></td>

if checkStat = 1, need to disable checkbox else keep it enable.

It’s not working. It disabling all the checkboxes.
Any suggestions ?

Enquirer: anirudha


Solution #1:

If you specify the disabled attribute then the value you give it must be disabled. (In HTML 5 you may leave off everything except the attribute value. In HTML 4 you may leave off everything except the attribute name.)

If you do not want the control to be disabled then do not specify the attribute at all.


<input type="checkbox" disabled>
<input type="checkbox" disabled="disabled">


<input type="checkbox">

Invalid (but usually error recovered to be treated as disabled):

<input type="checkbox" disabled="1">
<input type="checkbox" disabled="true">
<input type="checkbox" disabled="false">

So, without knowing your template language, I guess you are looking for:

<td><input type="checkbox" name="repriseCheckBox" {checkStat == 1 ? disabled : }/></td>
Respondent: Quentin

Solution #2:

<input type="checkbox" value="" ng-model="t.IsPullPoint" onclick="return false;" onkeydown="return false;"><span class="cr"></span></label>
Respondent: rangholiya nikunj

Solution #3:

The HTML parser simply doesn’t interpret the inlined javascript like this.

You may do this :

<td><input type="checkbox" id="repriseCheckBox" name="repriseCheckBox"/></td>

<script>document.getElementById("repriseCheckBox").disabled=checkStat == 1 ? true : false;</script>
Respondent: Denys Séguret

Solution #4:

In jsp you can do it like this:

boolean checkboxDisabled = true; //do your logic here
String checkboxState = checkboxDisabled ? "disabled" : "";
<input type="checkbox" <%=checkboxState%>>
Respondent: Franz Deschler

Solution #5:

According the W3Schools you might use JavaScript for disabled checkbox.

<!-- Checkbox who determine if the other checkbox must be disabled -->
<input type="checkbox" id="checkboxDetermine">
<!-- The other checkbox conditionned by the first checkbox -->
<input type="checkbox" id="checkboxConditioned">
<!-- JS Script -->
<script type="text/javascript">
    // Get your checkbox who determine the condition
    var determine = document.getElementById("checkboxDetermine");
    // Make a function who disabled or enabled your conditioned checkbox
    var disableCheckboxConditioned = function () {
        if(determine.checked) {
            document.getElementById("checkboxConditioned").disabled = true;
        else {
            document.getElementById("checkboxConditioned").disabled = false;
    // On click active your function
    determine.onclick = disableCheckboxConditioned;

You can see the demo working here :

Respondent: Antoine Subit

Solution #6:

I know this question is a little old but here is my solution.

 // HTML
 // <input type="checkbox" onClick="setcb1()"/>
 // <input type="checkbox" onClick="setcb2()"/>

 // cb1 = checkbox 1
 // cb2 = checkbox 2
  var cb1 = getId('cb1'), 
      cb2 = getId('cb2');

  function getId(id) {
    return document.getElementById(id);

  function setcb1() {
    if(cb1.checked === true) {
      cb2.checked = false;
      cb2.disabled = "disabled"; // You have to disable the unselected checkbox
    } else if(cb1.checked === false) {
      cb2.disabled = ""; // Then enable it if there isn't one selected.  

  function setcb2() {
    if(cb2.checked === true) {
      cb1.checked = false;
      cb1.disabled = "disabled"
    } else if(cb2.checked === false) {
      cb1.disabled = ""

Hope this helps!

Respondent: Mike

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