[Solved] Cannot resolve method ‘getSupportFragmentManager ( )’ inside Fragment

I found the message Cannot resolve method ‘getSupportFragmentManager ( )’
I want to fragment as activity.
because I want to use Maps on the tabs swipe.

public class PETAcikarangsukatani extends Fragment {
Context context;

private static final LatLng SUKATANI = new LatLng(-6.171327, 107.178108);
private static final LatLng WRPOJOK = new LatLng(-6.222411, 107.162158);
private static final LatLng PILAR = new LatLng(-6.257033, 107.156472);
private static final LatLng CIKARANG = new LatLng(-6.256073, 107.143984);

GoogleMap googleMap;
final String TAG = "PathGoogleMapActivity";

public View onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, ViewGroup container,
                         Bundle savedInstanceState) {

    View rootView = inflater.inflate(R.layout.activity_path_google_map, container, false);
    context = rootView.getContext();

    SupportMapFragment fm = (SupportMapFragment)getSupportFragmentManager()
    googleMap = fm.getMap();
Enquirer: Irwans


Solution #1:

Inside a Fragment subclass you have to use getFragmentManager in place of getSupportFragmentManager. You will get the support one if the import are from the support library.

Respondent: Blackbelt

Solution #2:

For my case,
I made sure that Fragment class is imported from

Not from

Then I have used


And now its working. If I use activity instance which I got in onAttach() is not working also.

Respondent: Md Sufi Khan

Solution #3:

Extends FragmentActivity instead of Activity

Respondent: Vicky

Solution #4:

Use getActivity().getSupportFragmentManager()

Respondent: Gabriel Wamunyu

Solution #5:

Replace getSupportFragmentManager() with getFragmentManager()
if you are working in api 21.
If your app supports versions of Android older than 3.0, be sure you’ve set up your Android project with the support library as described in Setting Up a Project to Use a Library and use getSupportFragmentManager() this time.

Respondent: Aman

Solution #6:

Also you can use AppCompatActivity instead of Activity.
Then getSupportFragmentManager() will work.
And also not forget to make your App theme extend AppCompat theme in this case

Respondent: Leo Droidcoder

Solution #7:

As per the documentation, getSupportFragmentManager() is present only inside AppCompatActivity class. It is not present inside Activity class. So make sure your class extends AppCompatActivity class.

public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity {
Respondent: Siddarth Kanted

Solution #8:

getSupportFragmentManager() is not part of Fragment, so you cannot get it here that way. You can get it from parent Activity (so in onAttach() the earliest) using normal


or you can try getChildFragmentManager(), which is in scope of Fragment, but requires API17+

Respondent: Marcin Orlowski

Solution #9:


just try worked for my case

Respondent: Venkat Vinay

Solution #10:

you should use

getActivity.getSupportFragmentManager() like
//in my fragment 
SupportMapFragment fm = (SupportMapFragment)    

I have also this issues but resolved after adding getActivity() before getSupportFragmentManager.

Respondent: Sazid Ali

Solution #11:

If you’re getting “Cannot resolve method getSupportFragmentManager()”, try using


It works for me when dealing with DialogFragments in android

Respondent: Jay Lin

Solution #12:

If you’re instantiating an class, the you have to call getActivity().getSupportFragmentManager() to get rid of the cannot-resolve problem. However the official Android docs on Fragment by Google tends to over look this simple problem and they still document it without the getActivity() prefix.

Respondent: Vijay Kumar Kanta

Solution #13:

I tried all above, but none working

Finally tried this my own


and is working .. 🙂

Solution #14:

For me I made sure to import v4 like this:


Then used:

Respondent: Marc Alexander

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