[Solved] “Cannot create an instance of the abstract class or interface” C# error message

I changed my base class to abstract for a project and now I’m receiving the following error:

Cannot create an instance of the abstract class or interface

Am I receiving the error because naming a new instance of an abstract class is not allowed?

newPlane = new Airplane_Abstract(name, position);
Solution #1:

You can’t create an instance of an abstract class. Think of it as an interface that may contain some implementation logic as well.

What would you expect to happen if you called an abstract instance method with no definition?

Respondent: Ed S.
Solution #2:

I saw your earlier question, in which you asked about the meaning of “pure virtual” (abstract in C#).

The reason you cannot instantiate an abstract class is that it presumably has abstract members, with no implementation. So say your class looks like this:

abstract class Airplane_Abstract
    public abstract int GetSomeInteger();

Then assuming you could instantiate one of these, you could write code like this:

var airplane = new Airplane_Abstract();

// What would this be?
int integer = airplane.GetSomeInteger();

Granted, I don’t believe you actually have to have abstract members in an abstract class. But the general idea of an abstract class is that it’s one that cannot exist on its own; it must be further defined in a class which inherits from it. Abstract members are the most obvious illustration of why this would be; there could be other reasons.

Think of Shape, for example. This is a pretty common example of something that would make sense as an abstract class. You can’t really instantiate just a Shape, can you? (“Create a shape.” “What kind of shape?” “No kind. Just an abstract shape.” Doesn’t really work, does it?)

Respondent: Dan Tao
Solution #3:

You cannot create an instance of an abstract class. That’s what abstract means.

Respondent: John Saunders
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