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I have a set of data with an Age column. I want to remove all the rows that are aged more than 90 and less than 1856.

This is head of df:

enter image description here

This is what I attempted:
enter image description here

Enquirer: Fan Zhao


Solution #1:

Your error is line 2. df['intage'] = int(df['age']) is not valid, you can’t pass a pandas series to the int function.

You need to use astype if df[‘age’] is object dtype.

df['intage'] = df['age'].astype(int)

Or since you are subtracting two dates, you need to use dt accessor with the days attribute to get the number of days as an integer

df['intage'] = df['age'].dt.days
Respondent: Scott Boston

Solution #2:

Since the dtype is timedelta64[ns] you can either use between, specifying two timedeltas as the endpoints, or you can first convert the days to a numeric type using numpy.


import pandas as pd
import numpy as np

df = pd.DataFrame({'age': [83, 108, 83, 63, 81]})
df['age'] = pd.to_timedelta(df.age, unit='days')

Find those between 82 and 107 days:

df[df.age.between(pd.to_timedelta(82, unit='days'), pd.to_timedelta(107, unit='days'))]
#      age
#0 83 days
#2 83 days

With numpy

df[(df.age/np.timedelta64(1, 'D')).between(82, 107)]
#      age
#0 83 days
#2 83 days
Respondent: ALollz

Solution #3:

One solution would be to extract days from the timedelta variables you have within age column.

In below toy example you can see how you can achieve that:

import pandas as pd
import datetime
from datetime import timedelta as td

# Create example DataFrame
df = pd.DataFrame([td(83),td(108),td(83),td(63),td(81)], columns=["age"])
print df

# Get days from timedeltas
df.age = df.age.apply(lambda x: x.days)
print df

# Filter ages
df = df[df.age.between(91,1956, inclusive=True)]
print df

Results in below prints:

0  83 days
1 108 days
2  83 days
3  63 days
4  81 days
0   83
1  108
2   83
3   63
4   81
1  108
Respondent: Cedric Zoppolo

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