[Solved] C++ compile time error: expected identifier before numeric constant

I have read other similar posts but I just don’t understand what I’ve done wrong. I think my declaration of the vectors is correct. I even tried to declare without size but even that isn’t working.What is wrong??
My code is:

#include <vector> 
#include <string>
#include <sstream>
#include <fstream>
#include <cmath>

using namespace std;

vector<string> v2(5, "null");
vector< vector<string> > v2d2(20,v2);

class Attribute //attribute and entropy calculation
    vector<string> name(5); //error in these 2 lines
    vector<int> val(5,0);

int total,T,F;


int main()
Attribute attributes;
return 0;

Solution #1:

You cannot do this:

vector<string> name(5); //error in these 2 lines
vector<int> val(5,0);

in a class outside of a method.

You can initialize the data members at the point of declaration, but not with () brackets:

class Foo {
    vector<string> name = vector<string>(5);
    vector<int> val{vector<int>(5,0)};

Before C++11, you need to declare them first, then initialize them e.g in a contructor

class Foo {
    vector<string> name;
    vector<int> val;
  Foo() : name(5), val(5,0) {}
Respondent: juanchopanza

Solution #2:

Initializations with (...) in the class body is not allowed. Use {..} or = .... Unfortunately since the respective constructor is explicit and vector has an initializer list constructor, you need a functional cast to call the wanted constructor

vector<string> name = decltype(name)(5);
vector<int> val = decltype(val)(5,0);

As an alternative you can use constructor initializer lists

 Attribute():name(5), val(5, 0) {}

Solution #3:

Since your compiler probably doesn’t support all of C++11 yet, which supports similar syntax, you’re getting these errors because you have to initialize your class members in constructors:

Attribute() : name(5),val(5,0) {}
Respondent: slartibartfast

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