[Solved] Android Studio: “Error initializing ADB: Android Debug Bridge not found”

I’ve installed Android Studio 3.0, and have compiled and run applications successfully.

Device File explorer pane has the above error message in red, and nothing else.

Enquirer: A.J


Solution #1:

Each Android Studio project requires information as to what SDK is to be used, and where it is located. The overall configuration defined in the SDK Manager under the tools menu is not enough, and it is used seemly to download and install the necessary SDK, so

  • make sure you have Android SDK installed.
  • Now opened or create a project (open an APK file for instance),
  • then follow these steps to define the SDK for the project:
    1. Under File -> Project Structure, select SDKs under Platform Settings.
    2. If you don’t have an Android SDK item in the right next pane, then click on the green + to add one. Give it a name of Android SDK,
    3. and edit the path to c:usersyourusernameappdatalocalandroidsdk (or the actual location as defined under SDK Manager).
    4. Next, still under Project Settings, select Project, and
    5. in the right next pane under “Project SDK” select the new project SDK that you just created.
    6. Save.

Your project is configured. Now open task manager and kill any existing adb.exe processes. Android Studio is now ready to work with ADB.

Test by opening the Device File Explorer (this is a vertical tab on the very right bottom edge of AS), or test by selecting the Attach debugger to Android Process button, and you should see your Android Device.

If ADB doesn’t communicate with your Android device, check to see if you have installed the Android USB driver. Also, the phone needs to be in developer mode for ADB to work with it.

Last point, I have had more success with AS/ADB when I launch AS with Administrator privileges. I hope this information is helpful to someone.

Respondent: jerry rose

Solution #2:

You might not have installed the ADB drivers. It must be causing the IDE error to occur.
Try to install the ADB (Google USB Drivers from the Android SDK Manager provided in Android Studio).

Respondent: Kshitij

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