[Solved] Anaconda Navigator won’t launch (windows 10)

Anaconda navigator won’t launch, I tried reinstalling it, that did not work either. anancondas’ command prompt shows an error message. I’ve tried googling the answer, I guess I’m bad at it.
[this is what I see after opening anaconda prompt]

p.s. I use spyder on it

Solution #1:

You need to run the cmd prompt from the Scripts directory of Anaconda where ever you have the Anaconda parent folder installed. I happen to have in the root directory of the C drive on my Windows machine. If you are not familiar there are two ways to do that:

A) Use the key combination Win-key + R then type cmd and hit return to launch the terminal window and then type: cd C:AnacondaScripts (or whatever directory path yours is).

B) Navigate using windows explorer to that Scripts directory then type cmd in the address bar of that window and hit return (that will launch the terminal already set to that directory).

Next type the follow commands waiting in between for each to complete:

activate root
conda update -n root conda
conda update --all

When complete type the following and Navigator hopefully should launch:

Respondent: Alex G

Solution #2:

I had the same issue, and solved it by the following commands:

conda update conda
conda update anaconda-navigator
anaconda-navigator --reset
Respondent: Janny Loco

Solution #3:

I am not sure why but the command below worked for me.

pip install pyqt5

Of course I updated Anaconda and Navigator before running this command.

Respondent: Regi Mathew

Solution #4:

You need to update Anaconda using:

conda update


conda update anaconda-navigator

Try these commands on anaconda prompt and then try to launch navigator from the prompt itself using following command:


If still the problem doesn’t get solved, share the anaconda prompt logs here if they have any errors.

Respondent: Vishal Rangras

Solution #5:

I had the same problem which was mainly due to an update to PyQt5, the following code helped me.

Run cmd.exe as admin:

conda update conda
conda update anaconda-navigator

reinstall PyQt5:

pip uninstall PyQt5
pip install PyQt5
pip install pyqtwebengine 
Respondent: n33

Solution #6:

Faced the same problem. 'conda update' does not work; It gives the error : "CondaValueError: no package names supplied"

On executing the following commands, I was able to launch the Anaconda navigator:

conda update -n base conda

conda update anaconda-navigator

Respondent: Sanjana Nair

Solution #7:

I was also facing same problem. Running below command from conda command prompt solved my problem

pip install pyqt5
Respondent: Chetan Ambi

Solution #8:

I struggled with this problem for a couple of hours (got the same error message you showed in your attachment). I knew the problem had to do with the path variable, specifically the PYTHONHOME variable.

I finally found I had set the PYTHONHOME path to the python.exe file (C:Anaconda3python.exe). It should be set to the Anaconda folder that contains the python.exe file (C:Anaconda3).

After that I could run the Anaconda Navigator.

Solution #9:

I tried the following @janny loco’s answer first and then reset anaconda to get it to work.

Step 1:

activate root
conda update -n root conda
conda update --all

Step 2:

anaconda-navigator --reset

After running the update commands in step 1 and not seeing any success, I reset anaconda by running the command above based on what I found here.

I am not sure if it was the combination of updating conda and reseting the navigator or just one of the two. So, please try accordingly.

Respondent: R_and_Python_noob

Solution #10:

This helped to me:

conda install anaconda-navigator
Respondent: drgrujic

Solution #11:

So none of the above answers worked for me.

I performed the following steps in order to make it work for me :
OS : Windows 10 Home 64 Bit

Open Anaconda Prompt

conda remove anaconda-navigator
conda install anaconda-navigator

conda install -c anaconda pywin32 // Had to install since I got a module not found error
// with just the above two commands

And it worked for me!!

Respondent: Harish L

Solution #12:

Update to the latest conda and latest navigator will resolve this issue.

Open the Anaconda Prompt and type

  • conda update conda


  • conda update anaconda-navigator
Respondent: atulchauhan

Solution #13:

For me it worked doing this:

Uninstall the previous version:
go to C:usersusernameanaconda3 and run the anaconda-uninstall.exe

Install again anaconda

then run the following commands on the anaconda pompt:

conda create -n my_env python=2.7

conda activate my_env

start the gui app


Respondent: Richardd

Solution #14:

I was working on my Windows 10 machine and I’m not sure which package “broke” Spyder and Anaconda Navigator, but could have been either, or, or both Kivy-1.10.1 and moviepy- which gave me problems. I installed with either pip or conda.
So of course I looked on this site to see what to do to fix. I found how pyqt was probably the issue. I uninstalled pyqt, kivy, and moviepy by using “pip uninstall “. I found where/or how they were installed by “pip list” and “conda list”. After they were uninstalled I used “conda install – c anaconda pyqt” to reinstall pyqt. After installing pyqt I launched Spyder with no problems.

Respondent: Mike Adrion

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