[Solved] #1193 – Unknown system variable ‘lc_messages’ when trying to login to phpmyadmin

I have recently installed MySQL and phpMyAdmin, but when I try to login to phpMyAdmin with the root credentials I get the following error for this query:

SQL query:

SET lc_messages = 'en_US';

MySQL said: Documentation

#1193 – Unknown system variable ‘lc_messages’

Why am I experiencing this error?

Enquirer: Jeremy


Solution #1:

I faced the same problem. Check your mySQL version:

For mySQL 5.5, use phpMyAdmin 4.4.x and above

For mySQL 5.1, use phpMyAdmin 4.0.x

Hope this helps someone.

Respondent: Shadi Namrouti

Solution #2:

It isn’t true. PhpMyAdmin can work with older Mysql as always.

Quick fix is easy

  • in /usr/share/phpMyAdmin/libraries/ delete these lines
if (PMA_MYSQL_INT_VERSION < $cfg['MysqlMinVersion']['internal']) {
    __('You should upgrade to %s %s or later.'),
    array('MySQL', $cfg['MysqlMinVersion']['human'])


enter image description here

  • in /usr/share/phpMyAdmin/libraries/classes/DatabaseInterface.php delete these lines
if (! empty($locale)) {
  $this->query("SET lc_messages="" . $locale . "";", $link, self::QUERY_STORE);


Solution #3:

I had the same problem and here is how I fixed it:

  1. Upgraded mysql to latest version:

  2. After the upgrade mysql service couldn’t start. Here’s the fix:
    mysqld_safe –skip-grant-tables

Respondent: archfoe

Solution #4:

Uninstall your mysql version and all dependencies.
To see all your mysql and dependencies packages installeds try this command:

- rpm -qa | grep mysql

For uninstall:

- yum erase mysql
- yum erase mysqlPackageDependencie

When all dependencies are uninstalled install the new mysql version:

- yum install mysql55-server

Start your Service Mysql:

- service mysqld start

Great! All works perfect now! 🙂

Respondent: David Silvestre

Solution #5:

I found that I had an older version of phpmyadmin and the error was because of a change they had made to PHP 7.

If your running any version of php 5.5 or higher you will get this error unless you update your phpmyadmin.

Respondent: Jeremy

Solution #6:

I followed Krashan Brahmanjara’s instructions. And I deleted

    if (! empty($locale)) { $this->query("SET lc_messages="" . $locale . "";", $link, self::QUERY_STORE);

I also deleted if ($GLOBAL

enter image description here

Respondent: Scriptslayer

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