How Long Do Bearded Dragons Live

Bearded dragons make great pets and are a popular choice for reptile owners. Bearded dragons are a pet that can live for a long time, so it is important to consider their life expectancy and suitability for your household. Captive bearded dragons have a life expectancy around 10 years. However, the oldest bearded Dragon ever recorded lived to 18 years.

Husbandry is the most important thing to ensure your bearded dragon lives a long and healthy life. Husbandry refers to all aspects of caring for a pet such as feeding, temperature, and veterinary care.

Average Lifespan of Bearded Dragons and Aging

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Bearded dragons originated in central Australia. birds facts However, today it is illegal for beardies to be exported. Bearded dragons are kept in captivity in the United States. Domestic bearded dragons can live for 8-10 years if they are given the right care. Predation and lack veterinary care mean that wild bearded dragons live only a fraction of the time.

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Although bearded dragons mature between 1 and 2, some may reach sexual maturity as young as 6 months. Many bearded Dragons will go into hibernation, also known as brumation, during winter months. Multiple eggs may be laid by females throughout the year.

This is often linked to rising temperatures following brumation. Clutches can have as many as 20 eggs and females will lay fertilized eggs even if there is a male bearded Dragon. The average time it takes for fertilized eggs to hatch is between 55 and 75 day.

Why do some bearded dragons live longer than others?

Inbreeding can cause genetic problems, malformations and other deformities in bearded Dragons. Silk back Types Of Blue Birds bearded Dragons are a particular breed that was selectively bred to have smooth and not spiny scales. This mutation can lead to significant skin problems, which can result in a decrease in quality of life and a shorter life expectancy.

Although genes can play an important role in the life expectancy of bearded dragons, most life-threatening conditions that affect them are secondary to their poor husbandry. Incorrectly caring for bearded dragons can lead to kidney disease and metabolic bone disease.

Many bearded dragon females fail to produce eggs due to husbandry issues. Retained follicles can even burst internally. Bearded dragons can also develop periodontal (or tooth and gum) disease. Regular visits to the veterinarian can check your teeth and offer medical intervention to prevent illness.

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