7 Ways to Make Good Presentation with WPS Office


Learn how to ace your next presentation with WPS Office, an all-in-one office suite that can record and play back presentations in real time! With the WPS PPT Recorder add-on, you can capture every part of your PowerPoint presentation and replay it with high quality. Here are 7 tips to make your next presentation go off without a hitch!

1) Have A Great Title

Finding the right presentation software can be difficult and there are many options out there that may or may not be a good fit for your needs. Luckily, you have the WPS Office at your disposal! That’s because it has a super handy PPT Recorder tool that will make all the difference in any and every situation. 

Try it for lectures – Lectures may not require a lot of fancy formatting, but they do need important points captured in slides. Use this feature on the presenter notes page to capture the process of turning pages or mouse movements while recording your voice so you can see what went on at each point during an event.

2) Plan Out The Structure

Picking up a presentation software like OpenOffice can make all the difference when it comes to presenting on a large stage or small scale. There are several features that make this platform worth your while, but two of them stand out more than the rest:

PPT Recorder – one feature that would especially be good for someone giving an informative presentation is the PPT recorder. It’s pretty nifty because it can record the playback process of the PPT itself and the gestures of turning pages, as well as picking up any sounds you want to hear from your computer and in-person sounds made by someone speaking.

3) Use Your Computer

Presentations can be really daunting and hard to present if you don’t have the right equipment. But, don’t worry–open up your WPS software and use PPT Recorder to help you out! You can use its presentation capture feature to record your entire presentation process, the speaker’s voice and the motion of turning pages so you won’t miss a thing! And, if you mess up on an important part of your presentation, just click resume on PPT Recorder and start from that point!

4) Practice In Front Of A Mirror

Even if you have no one else around, practicing in front of a mirror can be beneficial. It might seem silly at first, but it will help you see what your body is doing as you’re presenting so that you can adjust it if needed. This also allows you to practice your facial expressions and gestures which often convey what the audience members will hear. Plus, we know people love watching videos of presenters stuttering or looking down at their phone during their presentation! With the PPT Recorder, those opportunities are eliminated and all gestures are recorded on the presentation itself!

5) Know Who Will Be In The Audience

What do you plan on talking about? What are your goals for the presentation? What aspects of your work should you highlight or avoid? Who will be in the audience and how will they respond to what you have to say? You need a plan, and that starts with knowing who is going to be in the audience.

6) Vary Spacing Between Sentences & Paragraphs

Presenting isn’t an easy task. But before you panic and start feeling self-conscious, open your presentation in the latest version of WPS Presentations–then don’t worry about a thing! There are a lot of presentation apps out there but with WPS’s simple UI and features like PPT Recorder wps, you can make it through your next presentation without losing your cool.

7) End Strong & Conclude At The Peak

1. Use PPT Recorder in order to record your presentation and streamline your hand gestures of turning pages or speaker’s voice when you are presenting your PPT 

2. Memorize your presentation: Study it thoroughly so that you can know what to expect. 

3. Build a strong opening sentence so that the audience will be paying attention from the start of the presentation 

4. Plan ahead for anything unexpected, like if someone tries not just to hijack but change parts of your presentation during your speech 

5. Prepare for potential technical difficulties by having a backup plan ready, such as how you will fix problems that might arise 

6. Keep eye contact with the audience at all times and do not read off screen

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