I’m trying to write my first json file. But for some reason, it won’t actually write the file. I know it’s doing something because after running dumps, any random text I put in the file, is erased, but there is nothing in its place. Needless to say but the load part throws and error because there is nothing there. Shouldn’t this add all of the json text to the file?

from json import dumps, load
n = [1, 2, 3]
s = ["a", "b" , "c"]
x = 0
y = 0

with open("text", "r") as file:
with open("text", "w") as file:
    dumps({'numbers':n, 'strings':s, 'x':x, 'y':y}, file, indent=4)

with open("text") as file:
    result = load(file)
print (type(result))
print (result.keys())
print (result)

You can use json.dump() method:

with open("text", "w") as outfile:
    json.dump({'numbers':n, 'strings':s, 'x':x, 'y':y}, outfile, indent=4)


dumps({'numbers':n, 'strings':s, 'x':x, 'y':y}, file, indent=4)


file.write(dumps({'numbers':n, 'strings':s, 'x':x, 'y':y}, file, indent=4))


  • don’t need to do file.close(). If you use with open..., then the handler is always closed properly.
  • result = load(file) should be result = file.read()