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My question is how to exit out in Python main function? I have tried ‘return‘ but it gave the error SyntaxError: 'return' outside function. Can anyone help? Thanks.

if __name__ == '__main__':
    if condition:
    (I want to exit here) 
    do something
    do something

You can use sys.exit() to exit from the middle of the main function.

However, I would recommend not doing any logic there. Instead, put everything in a function, and call that from __main__ – then you can use return as normal.

You can’t return because you’re not in a function. You can exit though.

import sys

0 (the default) means success, non-zero means failure.

If you don’t feel like importing anything, you can try:

raise SystemExit, 0

use sys module

import sys

Call sys.exit.