I need the quantile of some distributions in python. In r it is possible to compute these values using the qf, qnorm and qchi2 functions.

Is there any python equivalent of these R functions?
I have been looking on scipy but I did non find anything.

The equivalent of the R pnorm() function is: scipy.stats.norm.cdf() with python
The equivalent of the R qnorm() function is: scipy.stats.norm.ppf() with python

You may find probability distributions in scipy.stats. Every distribution defines a set of functions, for example if you go to norm distribution and scroll down the page you may find the methods which include

ppf(q, loc=0, scale=1)  # Percent point function (inverse of cdf — percentiles)

that is what scipy calls Percent point function and does what R q functions does.

For example:

>>> from scipy.stats import norm
>>> norm.ppf(.5)  # half of the mass is before zero

Same interface for other distributions, say chi^2:

>>> from scipy.stats import chi2
>>> chi2.ppf(.8, df=2) # two degress of freedom