I want to pad some percentage values so that there are always 3 units before the decimal place. With ints I could use ‘%03d’ – is there an equivalent for floats?

‘%.3f’ works for after the decimal place but ‘%03f’ does nothing.

‘%03.1f’ works (1 could be any number, or empty string):

>>> "%06.2f"%3.3

>>> "%04.f"%3.2

Note that the field width includes the decimal and fractional digits.

Alternatively, if you want to use .format:

                ? ? 
                | |
# digits to pad | | # of decimal places to display

Copy paste: {:6.1f}

The 6 above includes digits to the left of the decimal, the decimal marker, and the digits to the right of the decimal.

Examples of usage:

Out[1]: '  4.30'

Out[2]: '004.30'

Out[3]: '004.30'

You could use zfill as well,.


A short example:

var3= 123.45678
    f'rounded1    \t {var3:.1f} \n' 
    f'rounded2    \t {var3:.2f} \n' 
    f'zero_pad1   \t {var3:06.1f} \n'  #<-- important line
    f'zero_pad2   \t {var3:07.1f}\n'   #<-- important line
    f'scientific1 \t {var3:.1e}\n'
    f'scientific2 \t {var3:.2e}\n'

Gives the output

rounded1         123.5 
rounded2         123.46 
zero_pad1        0123.5 
zero_pad2        00123.5
scientific1      1.2e+02
scientific2      1.23e+02