I’m about to reinstall numpy and scipy on my Ubuntu Lucid. As these things carry quite a few dependencies, I’m wondering if there is a comprehensive test suite to check if the new install really works.

Of course, I can just take a bunch of my scripts and run them one by one to see if they keep working, but that won’t guard against a situation where at some point in the future I’ll try to use something I didn’t use before and it’ll break (or, worse, silently produce nonsence).

Yes. Both packages have a test method for this.

import numpy

import scipy

You will need to have pytest and hypothesis installed to run numpy.test.

Note that binary packages for the mathematical libraries Scipy and
Numpy depend on, shipped by Linux distributions, have in some cases
showed to be subtly broken. Running Numpy and Scipy test suites with
numpy.test() and scipy.test() is recommended, as a first step to
confirm that your installation functions properly. If it doesn’t, you
may want to try another set of binaries if available, or buy some
above-mentioned commercial packages.

from http://www.scipy.org/Download