LIST = ['Python','problem','whatever']

When I run this program I get

[Python, problem, whatever]

Is it possible to remove that square brackets from output?

You could convert it to a string instead of printing the list directly:

print(", ".join(LIST))

If the elements in the list aren’t strings, you can convert them to string using either repr (if you want quotes around strings) or str (if you don’t), like so:

LIST = [1, "foo", 3.5, { "hello": "bye" }]
print( ", ".join( repr(e) for e in LIST ) )

Which gives the output:

1, 'foo', 3.5, {'hello': 'bye'}

Yes, there are several ways to do it. For instance, you can convert the list to a string and then remove the first and last characters:

l = ['a', 2, 'c']
print str(l)[1:-1]
'a', 2, 'c'

If your list contains only strings and you want remove the quotes too then you can use the join method as has already been said.

if you have numbers in list, you can use map to apply str to each element:

print ', '.join(map(str, LIST))

^ map is C code so it’s faster than str(i) for i in LIST

def listToStringWithoutBrackets(list1):
    return str(list1).replace('[','').replace(']','')