I’m searching in a HTML document using XPath from lxml in python. How can I get the path to a certain element? Here’s the example from ruby nokogiri:

page.xpath('//text()').each do |textnode|
    path = textnode.path
    puts path

print for example ‘/html/body/div/div[1]/div[1]/p/text()[1]‘ and this is the string I want to get in python.

Use getpath from ElementTree objects.

from lxml import etree
root = etree.fromstring('''
tree = etree.ElementTree(root)
for e in root.iter():



See the Xpath and XSLT with lxml from the lxml documentation This gives the path of the element containg the text

An example would be

import cStringIO
from lxml import etree

f = cStringIO.StringIO('<foo><bar><x1>hello</x1><x1>world</x1></bar></foo>')
tree = lxml.etree.parse(f)
find_text = etree.XPath("//text()")

# and print out the required data
print [tree.getpath( text.getparent()) for text in find_text(tree)]

# answer I get is 
>>> ['/foo/bar/x1[1]', '/foo/bar/x1[2]']

If all you have in your section of code is the element and you want the element’s xpath do then element.getroottree().getpath(element) will do the job.

from lxml import etree

tree = etree.fromstring(xml)

for element in tree.iter():
    print element.getroottree().getpath(element)

root = etree.parse(open('tmp.txt'))

for e in root.iter():
    print root.getpath(e)